Internet TV & Pay TV Setup

internet tv setup

Pay TV and Internet TV gives us a whole lot of freedom when it comes to watching our favourite shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

Peter Mitchell, That TV Guy, provides fast, reliable assistance with the setup and installation of your Pay TV and Internet TV service including Foxtel,  Optus Fetch TV, Apple TV, Netflix, Stan and Presto.

Step by step verbal instructions and advice on how to get the most out of your Pay TV and Internet TV services.

What is Internet TV?

The internet is changing the way that we live our lives and its influence on the way we watch television has been long overdue.

Internet streaming TV such as Netflix, Stan, Presto just to name a few. Is taking our Australian market by storm with thousands of people signing up per week.

Apple TV is also a fantastic way to mirror what you see on our iPhone and even watch your rented or purchased movies or TV series on iTunes.

For fast Pay TV & Internet TV assistance, call Peter

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