TV Wall Mounting Service

Television wall mounting service Northern Beaches & North Shore

Due to their shallow depth, flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs are perfect for wall mounting creating a clean, contemporary look.

Did you know that most TVs are not sold with wall mounting equipment – this is where Peter can help! There are typically several options when wall mounting your TV including low-profile, flat, tilting, or full-motion swivel brackets.

Hate wires? If you hate wires, Peter can hide them by either by concealing them behind the wall or using paintable wire mouldings.

When Peter completes your installation he will clear up the work area and give clear instructions on how to operate your system.

The Benefits of TV Wall Mounting

More Space : In rooms with limited floor or wall space, a TV mount can create more free space. It enables you to have less furniture in your viewing area. Make the most of your wall space by utilizing the space above a fireplace in a living room or perhaps above a dresser in a bedroom.

Safety : Wall mounting reduces the risk of your flat-panel LCD or plasma TV from being damaged.  Damaged flat screen TV pixels can be difficult to repair. Placing your TV in low, high traffic areas may result in damage from the screen being touched or hit by an object.

Deter Theft : A thief will more easily steal a free standing TV than a TV hanging on a wall.

Safe for Kids : Keep your TV out of the reach of your children or visiting children. No more worrying about an input change, button being pushed, or an inquisitive child climbing on an entertainment center.

Viewing Angle : View your TV from different angles without any reduction in picture quality.

More space saving options

In addition to installing your TV and mounting it on the wall, Peter also offers space-saving solutions for your cable box, Blu-Ray disc or DVD player and other source equipment. Peter can enclose your source equipment inside of a cabinet or place them in different room in order to leave more space in the entertainment area.

Another service that Peter provides is merging all of your devices onto one remote with the use of a Universal remote. We carry a range of remotes that will simplify your home theater systems and allow you to enjoy your system all the more.

TV Wall Mounting Questions

How many years does a wall mount last?

Properly mounted, holding a TV within its weight limit and used indoors, a TV mount will last a lifetime.

How many hours should it take to wall mount my TV?

This job may take an hour or 2 depending on the complexity of the area in which the TV is being mounted. The wall-mounting bracket is installed first and then the TV onto the wall mount. My TV Installations across Northern Beaches & North Shore Sydney


Contact Peter to discuss your TV wall mounting requirements. Peter can usually give you a price estimate over the phone.

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