Digital TV are you ready?

The old “Analog TV” signal is going to be switched off by the 3rd of December 2013 in Sydney.  In many areas in Australia this has already been completed.  If you already have a digital TV, digital set top box or Foxtel you have already made the digital switch so you will be fine.   This means you are already receiving the extra digital channels, HD channels and the electronic program guide.
Digital TV, are you ready?
Digital TV, are you ready?

If you haven’t already got a digital TV, digital STB or Foxtel you will need at the minimum adigital set to box.   These days they are pretty cheap, starting at about $30 at your local electronics shop (e.g. Dick Smith).

Digital TV, are you ready?
Digital TV, are you ready?


If you currently are receiving digital television without any problems you will not have to change your current antenna.   Antennas made for analog tv signals work just as good for the new digital tv signals so save your money.

Digital TV, are you ready?
Digital TV, are you ready?


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